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i think it’s about time i do this. i’ve wanted to do this for a long time and it’s happening now. i am removing all my social networking profiles. i am not deleting them permanently, just deleting all of my apps so i can’t access them. i’ve been too focused on my online life and less focused on my real life. i guess this will prove to me who really wants to stay in my life or not.

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joleah said: I know you really don't need or want my opinion and you know all of this but I'd just like to say anyway that I know you IRL and that anon is WRONG I think you're awesome and you're one of the coolest people I've met ever. The end. Fuck them anon bitches that don't know shit about shit. -The Queen

woooooooord thanks lady

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my life as of late makes make want to slip into alcohol coma

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will i make the same mistakes day after day

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anons dont get to me ever because theyre too scared to show their real faces and theyre so intertwined with me i love the attention hahahhahahahaha

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Anonymous said: If anyone on your tumblr knew you IRL they would hate you too you have the most disgusting personality and your constantly so full of yourself it's unattractive and no body likes you

hey shut up that hurt my feelings

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